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Hello Ukulele

The Hello Ukulele online course will help you learn the Ukulele today.

Join a global musical phenomenon with ukulele lessons perfect for beginners. Our course is clear, student-centred and mobile and tablet friendly. You’ll save on private lessons and learn from home with easy to use, step-by- step video presentations.

You’ll receive:

 - Lifetime-access

 - High-quality HD video instructions

 - Fully downloadable lessons

 - PDF resources and extras

 - Sheet music

 - Bonus videos

 - Access to brand new content we create at no additional charge

Hello Ukulele covers all the basics - from choosing a ukuele, tuning to strumming and chords – we’ll have you playing your favourite songs in no time.



No experience, no worries! With a professional background in music and education, I have 9 years direct teaching experience in Australia, Laos, Malaysia, Vietnam, and the UK. Rest assured, (with this course) we’ll go far. From your very first lesson to your first song... and beyond!

Watch my introductory video, sign up and get strumming today!

"I've done both the beginners and intermediate courses with Josh now. Great fun, and has given me confidence to play a tune or two in front of close friends and family!! Looking forward to the next series of classes!"
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  • You've always wanted to play a musical instrument but didn't know where to start.
  • You prefer to learn at your own pace.
  • You are ready to put in the practise needed to improve.
  • You want to save money on private lessons.
  • You can’t wait another day to learn this new skill.
"Fun classes- we learnt lots of popular songs so it was easy to get enthusiastic! It gives you the basics so you can teach yourself some simple songs at home. Well worth it."

Josh Lee, The Ukulele Guy

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​​​​​​​"I am a qualified teacher with 9 years experience teaching the ukulele. My lessons are student-centred, which means students learn at their own pace with an emphasis on the songs and styles that inspire them most. You don't need any musical talent or even your own ukulele."

"The ukulele is a great way to learn your favourite songs and even write your own. After about 5 mins most people can play a few chords and then they’re hooked."

“I love the ukuele because it’s small, easy to travel with and sounds beautiful. When I travel overseas to small villages children always run out to hear me play. It’s a super satisfying and personal way to create and share music”.

The 9 Lesson Course Split Into
16 Bite-Sized Videos

Lesson One
Starting off with the basics, these lessons are the first principles of ukulele playing, but don't worry you'll be playing your first song by the end of Lesson One.

  1. Different ukulele sizes and tuning
  2. Tips for holding the ukulele
  3. Playing your first song

Lesson Two
We're going to be looking at chord diagrams and strumming in this lesson.

  1. Chord diagrams, strumming up & down

Lesson Three
This lesson is split into two parts, first we learn to play a song, following it up with a play-a-long of the song 'Anyone Else But You' by 'The Moldy Peaches'.

  1. Learn to play: Anyone Else But You
  2. Play-a-long: Anyone Else But You

Lesson Four
In this lesson we're going to learn to play 'Hush Little Baby' using the chords C and G7.

  1. Learn to play: Hush Little Baby

Lesson Five
This lesson we practise strumming while moving between the chords C, A minor, F and G7 then we use those new chords in a song.

  1. Using C, A minor, F and G7
  2. 'Mr Lonely', 'Blue Moon' and 'Heart and Soul'

Lesson Six
We're going to be 'Singing In The Rain' so don't forgot a raincoat for you and your ukulele.

  1. Down, down strumming pattern
Lesson Seven

We're going to be learning a new chord pattern but "don't worry be happy" we have a fair bit of tea and coffee to help you in this lesson.

  1. Learn to play: Don't Worry Be Happy
  2. Play-a-long: Don't Worry Be Happy
Lesson Eight

Why don't you stand by me virtually as we learn a new song then we play it together.

  1. Learn to play: Stand By Me
  2. Play-a-long: Stand By Me

Lesson Nine
You're becoming quite the little ukulele player aren't you. Well don't get too big for your winkle pickers you still have the last lesson to finish.

  1. Review strumming patterns and how to arrange a song
  2. Play-a-long: Horse With No Name

Bonus Material
Bonuses - some might be practical like tuning your ukulele, others might be fun. 

  1. How to tune your ukulele (Video)
  2. Hulalele showreel (Video)
  3. Downloadable lesson worksheets PDFs
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Beginners Course, £49

  • 9 lesson course to learn in your own time and pace
  • 16 bite-sized video lessons in HD quality
  • Loads of bonuses, examples, extras and resources about Ukulele-ing (PDFs, sheet music and more)
  • Beautifully designed and easy to follow online course
  • Mobile/tablet compatible
  • Available to download all the content
  • Lifetime access to the course and updates
  • And the ultimate bonus - The Introduction To Hulalele: Part Hula-Hoop, Part Ukulele Workout Video

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  • 3 lessons written in video format and sung to you by Josh
  • Bite-sized video lessons in HD quality

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